Merovingian Court Of Nominoe

Merovingian Court Of Nominoe

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tracing to ancient kingdom of Judah

Click on the service website and forum link. Watch as the lineage is traced from Judah to the Royal Elven House Of Greene.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ver = Green

Quote,"Vere is from "Ver" means "true or truth" of or in, direction or connection, in this case means true blue blood. Vid "Ver North" for true north. From King Vere AD 170"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


What is a VRO? It is an extension and associated type. The Vro dynasty must gather around the elven house of greene position because it represents unity. Because green meant land it is supporting growth because you must have land to grow flowers so the bees can harvest and the other associated types can co-exist because we all must help each other as one family.

The VRO Dynasty

Hello my name is Mark Alan Green. I am the creator of this blog. What I hope to achieve is awakening the nucleus of my family. I believe that I can activate it like a beacon and a flower will bloom and then the bees will be also attracted. After my ancestor Taddei ar Vro or Taddei De Vere defeated Charles The Bold continuation of the veres and the merovingians gathered around him. I feel by activating this nucleus will open up and release a new form of consciousness. What is truly amazing to me is Lancelot was originally from Tuscany, Italy and now I can prove that Taddei Ar Vro is a descendant of the Taddei family. It is appearant to me that people were known by many names, titles, throne names, nicknames and position names. Symbolically the Royal Elven House Of Greene is offering ground for all the kin to communicate and unite. Green is symbolic for go like a stop light meaning go ahead do this. This is a window of opportunity as you click the forum link and open a window to communicate with the true original kin of the dragons. Green the name originated from Italy from a family of high noble status. Green was also a position of the district of Boketon in Northhamptshire, England in the United Kingdom. I believe that position has moved. I believe that a rebirth of the Vere dynasty will begin. The dragon that has been a sleep will be awake and a new name will be given to dynasty. A name that was almost forgotten that represents all of the kin because it was used in an expression. Here is the expression " Taddei Ar Vro" which in my opinion is The Taddei are Vere meaning The Taddei Family are also of the Vere dynasty. My ancestor recieved a throne name =Nominoe, Name= Tad De Vere, position = Fidelis, nickname= imperial emissary and the title= Taddei and/of Vere. By looking at this you can see that by activating this line you can attract all that are associated. In Nova Scotia artifacts tracing to Brittany and Scotland were found as well as megalithic ruins. The Miicmac nation from Nova Scotia have red hair because they are also related to the Vere dynasty. In fact the micmac nation of this region hold ceremonies in groves and know where hidden stone henges are and ancient ruins in the maritimes. This region is a hidden ley line that must be activated. This is the hidden nucleus and it starts with contacting and uniting the family. We are a family that must become conscious of this fact especially in this region. This endeavour will seek and support the nucleus.

House Of Vro

All relatives of the Vro family are welcome to join the network. That is including all relatives of the Vere dynasty. A list of branches of the families that are related will become available soon in the families section of the House Of Vro website. Here is the weblink to the website down below: